Pink is the color to invest in this season! If that you haven't worn pink since it was told you for the school group picture, it's high time to reintroduce it to your closet. This stylishly sweeping shade of the season was a big hit in both the year 2014 and 2015. This shade is constant, no matter what.

Pink is romantic, loving and intimate, attentive and caring. It tones down the passion of red replacing it with a delicate loving energy. Brighter pinks are young, fun, and energizing, while dynamic pinks have the same energy as red; they are hopelessly romantic and passionate without being excessively aggressive. Pink's charm is sans expensive and gives a grown-up look, not girly every time.

From blush pink to bubblegum, petal pink to baby pink, every single sweet shade of pink defines beauty. So, give your dull boring closet a pink lift this season and the one coming.

You know, that feeling when you have definitely no clue about what to wear or when you attempt half of your wardrobe on just to wind up with a heap of outfits on your bed yet thinking what to wear? It happens to almost all of us, isn't that so?

But, we’ve got you a foolproof strategy to get out of the trap with the most happening top wear!

Liven up the office look with bold prints. With the style and the color, the outfit makes a classic add-on when clubbed with a classic pants of other palettes

Top 2

Don’t be afraid to don a pink crop top with contrasting palazzo pants for Sunday brunches with your girls.

Pink is the least demanding color, and has always been with us.

Top 3

A cute print like this can add charm hundred times more.

Image shoe 1

Pair it with denims and cute bellies.

Image Top4

Need a quick infusion of life into your office wear? Go for light pink layer with over coat.

Image Skirt 1

Taking off out on the town? It's best to combine that a solid color top of yours with something somewhat more springy than dark like this skirt.

Image Necklace 1

Weekend hanging with your bffs? Style your cute pink neck piece with the bluest denim and white top.

Image chappal

Going out in a marriage? A pink sequin sandals can save and take you through the season.

But, tossing a Pink outfit doesn't simply means picking any piece from your wardrobe. The outfit still needs to look clean and special.

Whether you toughen up the girly shade with a touch of pink and channel the fuchsia tone, or keep your look delicate with soft shades- we’ve got you covered with all things pink, all you need to do is just hit the fashion app FEXY, play, win rewards and shop till you drop.

We assembled the hottest range of trending pinks right from layered top to crop tops, palazzo pants to sassy skirts, pink junks and so much more. Even though September is an ideal month to revive your wardrobe with soft, touchy hues, nice pink pieces are more than welcome.

FEXY. Play. Shop. Win.

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